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Delorean Energy is a bioenergy infrastructure development company within the ASX-listed Delorean Corporation Ltd group of companies (ASX:DEL). Delorean Energy is developing, building, owning and operating its own portfolio of bioenergy infrastructure assets across Australia. The company also partners with major energy infrastructure investors, including Australia’s first renewable gas to mains facility and what will become the largest anaerobic digestion plant in the Southern Hemisphere, located in South Australia.

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Rolling Out Bioenergy For Australia's Food, Resources And Waste Industry.

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About Us

Delorean Energy is an Australian infrastructure development and management company specialising in bioenergy plants using mature-technology anaerobic digestion systems. Delorean Energy retains the in-house capability to take development projects from concept to planning approval, investment, and financial structuring to building, owning, and operating these assets.


Bioenergy infrastructure requires a unique set of key parameters to underwrite bankability. Delorean Energy understands this and targets projects which demonstrate genuine viability.


Our experience at Delorean Energy gives us the ability to expeditiously take bioenergy projects through their key stages. This includes site selection and acquisition, to development approval and financial close.


Delorean Energy’s partnerships go beyond investment and include co-location of assets, feedstock and waste supply synergies as well as energy offtake arrangements.


As a credible development outfit, Delorean Energy maintains relationships with major infrastructure investors and investment banks, in addition to its own capital resources.

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How Bioenergy Works

Delorean Energy’s facilities use a mature technology called anaerobic digestion, a natural biological process (similar to that in our own digestion systems) which produces clean biogas. The biogas is used to fuel conventional combined heat and power generators and can also be upgraded to mains-grade natural gas for use in the gas network.

This technology has been used in the wastewater treatment industry for centuries. Countries that have already adopted these systems include Europe, The United Kingdom, and the USA who together, have thousands of waste to energy plants using anaerobic digestion.

Outside of the waste water treatment industry, Australia already has a number of operating waste to energy plants using anaerobic digestion.

The bioenergy facility is not based on incineration, pyrolysis or thermal processes of any kind.

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We welcome enquiries to explore partnerships and opportunities for waste and feedstock supply, energy offtake and supply, potential project sites and investment discussions.


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